Tuesday, June 4, 2019


I am not a baker.  In fact, I am gluten intolerant.  However, as you know, I signed up to work at the Summer Arts Festival at my church.  I said that I would make some cakes.  16 6 inch cakes to be exact.  I ended up making 17.  Do you know that they all looked different?  They were all cakes, and they were made with the same ingredients.  We didn't change much but it's not a factory.  They all came out different.  Some just popped out of the pan.  Some I struggled with.  There were one or two that really didn't come out well at all.  My daughter loved all of the "mistakes." She has a bowl of cake mistakes that she eats alone or with pudding to make parfait.  She loves the cake.

I learned something about those cakes.  Each one is the same but different.  Some of the cakes came out with more than others.  Sound familiar?  I am not a great baker and I may have made one or two mistakes.  God is not like me.  He is awesome.  I have to tell myself that He is a good God and that He has a good plan for me.  God made me just the way I am meant to be.  So I think about who I am and what I like and what I don't like.  I'm hoping you spend sometime thinking about these things too.  If you had three wishes, what would you spend them on?  Doesn't that tell you about yourself?  I asked my daughter what would her three wishes be and she didn't know.  I have an idea of what my wishes would be but I'm just excited about the idea of wishes.

You don't like cakes?  You could do it with anything not factory made: strawberries, homemade afghans, pumpkins, people.  Isn't that amazing!  Yes, yes it is!!!  And the ending of the cakes is still yet to come.  They will be decorated with buttercream soon.  Some of them will have remarkable, unique designs filled with color and representing the identity of the maker.  Maybe I just need to bake more cakes?  Uhm... then again, maybe not! There is a special project that I am working on.  I'm excited to see what is next and this is the summer to work on it.  Let's call it a special hobby.  So exciting!!!  God is good, all the time, regardless of what I feel and today I feel good knowing that I have good work to do on the horizon.  Praise God!

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