Monday, April 29, 2019

Spring is coming!

I am not a devotee of Game of Thrones.  I read the first book and then called it a day.  However, the one thing I remember is hearing, "Winter is coming."  Now, I don't know what is going on with GoT (It took me quite a while to figure out what that stood for), but I can tell you that here, Spring is coming. 

A friend of mine who lives in Ohio talks to me about the lush greenery of the state.  Living in a desert, I can admit that I am envious of the green and the lush.  This is the one thing that I think I miss the most of living North East.  Here is the deal though, I love Phoenix.  I love the dry, hot desert.  I like to let the warmth get into my bones.  Lately, it has been humid and raining.  There are patches of green here in the desert and for a little while, spring makes it's way to Phoenix. 

Last year at this time I was a mess.  Next month I have a lot of stuff going on but I'm am beginning to feel a renewal.  I am thankful to God who stayed by me through the worst of it.  God answered prayers and gave me peace and now, now I face the fresh rain that falls and it allows me to feel renewed, fresh and clean.  Spring is coming.  Don't let it pass you by. 

Monday, April 22, 2019

Easter 2019

I know that I have been away.  I'm hoping that things will slow down and I will be able to write more.  Each day I have more to write about.  Every where I turn there are stories that come to me.  I believe that God has allowed crazy stuff to happen to me just to show His grace in my life.  I am convinced of it.  And praise the Lord that He is with me every step of the way.

This is the second Easter that I have lived through without my love.  It was the first major holiday and I think it means something to have this Holy Day be the first one to live through without my husband.  You see, the song is totally right.  Because He lives, I can face tomorrow.  Because He lives, all fear is gone.  Because I know He holds the future.  And life is worth the living just because He lives.  Because Jesus was raised again from the dead, Death has no hold on us who believe.  Where Death is your sting?  Where Grave is your victory?  My sweet guy is home.  Santi is home because of the miracle of the cross.  So this year, the pain is not what it was.  Yes, I miss him and I may always miss him.  But, I don't have to mourn my husband's loss because he lives and is with his Savior on Easter.  How significant is the reminder of celebrating life because of Christ!!!

So... with that said, yesterday was a day of rest and relaxation.  There was candy and pastels and music.  My children look so different from last year.  My son is taller than me and my little girl is almost my height.  Soon, I will have no children in my house, only teens.  I am thankful.  I'm a thankful girl.  I am thankful that I have my babies and they are good... for the most part.  I am thankful that we have such a wonderful church family.  I am thankful that I can look to the cross and know without a shadow of a doubt that life is soooo worth living. 

This weekend I did a small ropes course.  This course reminded me of my walk with Christ.  I'm wearing the harness.  I get to the first rope thing.  I ask myself how am I going to walk across this flimsy rope.  I ask this like I don't have this big old harness on.  The first step is so hard and as I'm crossing the rope I'm thinking, "I should have thought this through before agreeing to this."  By the end though, I understood that I was going to be okay because I have the harness on.  God is my harness.  I can be scared trying to cross a crevasse on a rope but at the end of the day, I still have a harness on!!!  People, don't forget that God is your harness.  That's all for now. 

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Looking Bad

It's the end of the year and as a teacher, this is the time of the year where I struggle the most.  I can't seem to do everything that I need to do.  Today there was church.  I love going to church.  It is always such a privilege for me to attend.  I need to be around my brothers and sisters learning about God's Word.  I kid you not.  I love it!!! 

Here's the thing.  Maybe today I was more than just a little tired.  My stomach has been acting up.  I think I was talking about my stomach issues in vivid color with my friend from church.  I now realize that she must think that I'm horrific.  What's wrong with me?  I'm tired but it isn't normal tired.  It's PMS tired.  I don't know if you can relate.  So there are aches and pains as I start cramping and then there is what my husband used to call, BP, the Bottomless Pit.  He would say, "Have the stomach gods been appeased?"  He used to get so upset with me. 

So I have a lot of stuff going on but I know, cause I know that I look the way I feel and then some.  I promise you that my concealer quit the job.  My hair?  I have long curly hair and now I look like I have the long curly hair of  someone who doesn't care.  Do you know what that looks like?  Not good!!!! 

I also have a touch, a teensy touch of mom brain.  Go to the kitchen.  What did I come in here for?  Get back to the room.  Oh Yeah!!!  Go back to the kitchen.  What was it?  I forget.  So I'm making a decision.   I am going to bed and I will reset tomorrow morning.  Tomorrow will be a better day.  Or I'll look worse. 

Monday, April 8, 2019

Our Favorite Things

This past week I watched Mary Poppins Returns with the kids.  Just watching this movie reminds me of Julie Andrews.  I think Emily Blunt is good but I think that Julie is just irreplaceable.  Bringing to mind Julie Andrews reminded me of The Sound of Music.  My daughter and I just love this movie.  With the Ariana  Grande re-mess (make) of My Favorite Things, it brings to mind some of my favorite things. 

I think favorite colors and favorite things are super important because they help keep our spirits up when we have a bad day, bad week, bad month or a bad year.  Which brings me to my first favorite thing, Friends.  I love this television show.  I took a quiz recently which had about 35 questions and I got them all right.  I love the color pink and I love rainbows and glitter.  Yes, I'm still a 7 year old at heart.  Everything is better with pink glitter, right? 

I love great purses and comfortable cool shoes.  I like expensive perfume.  I love red lipsticks.  I love buying red lipsticks too.  I don't know what is wrong with me.  I can't get enough of the red lipsticks!!!  I like action adventure movies and weird funny movies that make me laugh. I love good books that deal with a little magical realism.  Books are a little magically realistic.  I like long cars and I like listening to sunny music like Colbie Caillat as I drive.  I love red raspberry, nectarines and plums.  I like sleeping in and spending the day in bed.  Is this so wrong? 

Now that I remember all of my favorite things, I want to remember other of my favorite things.  Take a second.  What are some of your favorite things?  (I feel a little like Mr. Rogers saying that).

Friday, April 5, 2019

Nothing to write about

Hey Beautiful People!!!  Happy Friday!  I hope you have had a wonderful week.  I know I haven't been writing as much.  This time of year is always very busy for me trying to wrap up the school year.  However, I have been marinating on some things.  This is what keeps me writing. 

Today I have nothing to write about.  In fact, yesterday I had nothing to write about either.  I thought about writing about the importance of keeping up with your hands but the post would not come out and I left it where it was.  I thought about talking about how some people upset you just because they smell funny to you but this was also one of those topics that I want to broach but I don't really want to talk about.  There are times when I want to just post song lyrics as a post but then I don't want to get into the issues of copyright. 

I have been busy and content.  I have been watching the progress of my children growing slowly.  I have been thinking about the summer to come and trying to keep to my official and unofficial goals.  I have thought about writing about procrastination because it turns out, I'm a brilliant procrastinator.  I also have a huge shopping problem but again not a topic to write about.  I can see what my upcoming topics are going to be on though.  I am just happy for my friends and family and I wish you all peace and rest for this upcoming weekend.  I pray peace for you all.  That's all.

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Praise the Lord!!!

Hello Beautiful People!!!  I know I have not been as consistent and I apologize.  I will be coming back to my regularly scheduled writing now.  The last quarter of the school year can be a challenge for me.  I am looking at all that needs to be done and all the things that still need to be done and it is so easy to become overwhelmed. 

Add to this equation, completing paperwork, taking care of kids, doing homework and just preparing for the summer.  Of course, in these moments, something minor happens and you just want to lose it.  I'll give you an example.  Yesterday I turned the key in my ignition and... nothing happened.  Did I freak out?  Yes!!!  Oh my goodness!!!  It was really bad too.  I called the dealership first because who do you call in these moments?  I remember just trying to tell myself, "What are you going to do first, Elle?"  It was hard just trying to focus.  Then I said to myself, "Is this a dealership issue, a Jiffy Lube issue or an AutoZone issue?" 

I'm really good at putting things on the back burner and I said to myself that I don't have to deal with this now.  I can deal with this later.  So, I opened up the Lyft app to get a ride to work.  There was a problem with the payment.  I tried with another card and there was another issue with the payment.  At that point I recognized that if things aren't working, maybe it's God.  I prayed.  I prayed, "Jesus, help me do what I need to do."  I decided to try and ask for help.  I like to be independent but I recognized my need for help.  I reached out to a couple of friends.  I praise God that Bea texted me back.  He asked me what the problem was and I was able to help him that my car was going click click click.  Did you know that he came to my house and jumped me?  I was so thankful I was a sobbing mess.  I was able to go AutoZone and get a new battery.  I'm telling you that AutoZone was another blessing where people came out of the woodwork to give me some help.  This guy from Triple A made sure that I was able to buy the right battery.  Praise the Lord!!!

I was able to make it to my job and hug some babies and have some meetings and be Mrs. Miller because people were willing to be the hands and feet of Jesus. 

But here is the real thing.  Even when I was stressing, even when I felt out of control, even when it looked and felt bad, Praise the Lord!!! I promise you I don't know what I'm doing but I'll tell you what, Praise the Lord!!!