Tuesday, June 30, 2020

The Best Day

I am so clear about what I'm not good at.  I will sit down and say, "I should be doing something else."  A laundry list of things come to mind.  I have a moment of stress as I sit there drinking my coffee and drinking in the morning.  I love those moments.  I want to push away the negative thoughts as I sit down.  Today the list will not wait.  

What if I don't want to change?  I do, but what if I didn't want to.  As you all well know, I'm a hot mess.  I look around and I think about what I would change...  I want to change everything and nothing.  What I am currently is what I am.  I think the problem is tomorrow.  I think about what I want from tomorrow.  I need to be where I am today.  

We throw away today as if time is not limited.  I think about teaching back in the Bronx.  I would have this one kid that was prone to fits.  I can't believe that he is a grown man some where, hopefully.  He would have a bad moment and he would throw up his hand and say, "That's it!  I'll try again tomorrow."  This gave him license to behave and wallow in his poor behavior for the rest of the day.  So, I told him, "Don't let a bad moment, become a bad morning.  Don't let a bad morning become a bad afternoon.  Don't let a bad afternoon become a bad day."  So we would sit and figure out how to make his bad moment better.  I would remind him that the day was still young and it could end up being the best day of his life.  

Someone asked me what I would do if today was the last day of my life.  I think I might have an answer.  I would eat bread.  I would put the bed in the living room and lay on it with my babies.  Maybe I'll walk around the block with them.  I would hug them and cuddle with them.  I would thank God for the day and for His grace in my life.  Come to think of it, I'll do that now.  I'll thank God for this day and for His grace in my life.  Tomorrow may be better or worse, who is to say but God.  But today...  Today can turn out to be the best day of your life thus far.  Praise the Lord!!!  

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