Saturday, June 27, 2020

Look Up

I think the expectation was that things would settle down.  The quarantine would lift and things would fall and we would figure out how to get back to our lives.  The quarantine was lifted and instead of a gradual return to the world, there were protests.  I don't know.  There was a curfew and I stayed home.  And now Arizona has high COVID 19 cases, this little state where it is known that people come to retire.  The heat did not keep away the contagion.  

We wear our masks.  We stay home.  We have no idea what will happen.  It seems that we need to go back to quarantining.  People are self-distancing and I'm not upset at them.  But the toothpaste is out of the tube and there is no putting it back in the way that it came.  

This mama tries not to say a lot about the current state of affairs.  But today, it weighs on me and I am tired of being isolated.  I learned that a place that I used to go to when I first got here to Arizona is closing, The Metrocenter.  This is old news.  It saddens me.  We lived almost across the street from this area and my family would go there and just walk around.  We had so many memories there and now?  Now it is gone.  

Things are changing, changing so much.  I don't want to look around me any more.  I just want to look up.  These days, it is harder to look around.  I just want to look up at Jesus and hope for better days, or even better moments.  I suggest you look up with me, Friends.  Look up and praise God that He is in control.  Praise the Lord!

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