Sunday, June 21, 2020

Father's Day 2020

I went out with a friend and his daughter.  His daughter is friends with my daughter.  I was fine to spend time with my big little boy.  Later in the day, my sweet daughter is hanging out with me and she tells me that she is jealous of her friend.  I jump into "Mom" mode.  I begin to extol her attributes and virtues.  She then tells me that she is jealous of her friend because she has a father.  Oh my heart!!!

This year, I didn't buy any friends presents or cards.  This year I'm a bad friend.  This year I will send out some texts and make a great lunch for my babies as we work on things and spend time together.  I tell them that they have a father.  I tell them about their greater Father.  They are calm.  Already I know that the day will hurt more than others as those celebrating around us will be happy with their dads.  You begin to acknowledge painful days.  You can feel it in the mornings.  Yes, this day will not pass without tears.  

Men, be good fathers to your babies.  My dad was a great father and on top of missing my husband I miss my dad.  My father with his Colombian accent. My dad who was okay just watching me be happy.  My dad who I loved so very much and who was taken too soon.  I look at my son who resembles him so much, my dad lives on.  There are moments that I worry about David.  He can be so argumentative and he's mean sometimes to his sister.  The other day, he was babysitting a friend's son.  He likes to work with kids.  He is not like he is with us at home.  He is gentle and patient.  He has a lot of energy.  I turned for a minute and saw the father that he would be.  Already I pray for him and his future and for the future of his family.  I pray for Janet too but today is Father's day and I am raising a God fearing husband and father for the next generation if it is to come.  Men don't get a lot of appreciation sometimes.  Wives, love the men you have.  Kids, listen to your Dad.  I don't say it, God says it.  

Eat the steak and spend time with your kids.  Have a Great Father's Day!!!    

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