Tuesday, June 16, 2020


I haven't been following my own advice.  I know that nutrition has a lot to do with health and emotional well-being.  It does.  I looked up the benefits of zucchini.  In fact, I sat down and looked at the benefits of a lot of fruits and vegetables.  They seem to be the secret to turning back a lot of things.  Let's put it this way, the benefits far outweigh the negative aspects.  I know this.  I do!!!  So... why would I continue to eat poorly in light of everything I know about the functions of nutrition?  I'm stubborn?

I'm sitting here full.  It doesn't really seem possible as I eat a lot more junk to feel fuller.  I'm less aggravated as well.  I know that good nutrition doesn't only feed the body but helps with emotional stability.  Broccoli is a natural mood stabilizer.  It took me a while to get out of my system sweet sugary drinks.  Now I refuse to drink my calories.  I have been looking at some of these diets that cut out legumes and fruits... Not for this girl!!!  I love some fruit.  I'm trying to figure it out.  

Why am I thinking about nutrition?  I need to focus.  I need to get my mind together.  I'm finding out that eating junk is not conducive to good thinking.  When the curfew happened, I stopped walking.  Man!!!  This messed me up!  I started walking again yesterday.  We had to go later but it made a world of difference.  I always think that it is so hard to do things (and some things are really hard to do), but getting healthy is another thing. It's not that hard.  Sure, I could eat gluten free pizza every day of the week.  Should I talk about Doritos now?  You all know that I have a thing with Doritos, right?  If you let me, I will eat Doritos all day every day.  Oh gosh!!!  I can't stay away.  I like eating them with guacamole.  My goodness!!!

So... I always compare my appetite for junk food with my appetite for sin.  When I'm starving after a long day, I would love nothing more than a great big cheeseburger with bacon.  I would chase them down with some fries in a heartbeat.  What about binge-watching your favorite show while eating a mix of cheddar popcorn, crunchy Cheetos and gluten free pretzels?  Should I mention my issue with Yogurtini?   Man, I love taking the kids to fill up a pint with the most sugary wonderful sorbet and sour and fruity stuff.  Yum!!!  How can you stay away?  I feel the same way about sin.  When I'm tired and hangry, it is easier to be mean and irritable than listen to God when He says, "Elle, love your neighbor."  It's that moment when you think about doing/eating the right thing but you pick the one you shouldn't.  If you are like me, you are rationalizing why you did the wrong thing and not the right thing.  "No, you see... what had happened was..."  They are all lies.  

I am mindful.  I am thinking about what I am doing before I do.  I am preparing mentally for the pitfalls that hit.  My prayer is for help in doing all that I need to do.   I need help when the second that the cheeseburger appears in my head, I can think of the salad.  When I see the Doritos on sale at the supermarket, I can walk away.  I think we can all use this prayer.  May the Lord guard our hearts from evil.  Praise the Lord!

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