Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Rants and Ramblings

No I have not been blogging.  I have been writing and I have been making plans to write.  The fever to write has been changing.  I don't know what that means.  I have been mulling it over and thinking about the direction of my writing.  For that matter, I have been thinking of the directions of my life and pondering.  

So... I've started dating... again.  I am trying an older app.  It's funny because it wasn't really recommended to me but many people that I have spoken to within the last 6 months have told me that they have met their significant other on the app.  So, I'm giving it a try.  It is definitely different than the other apps.  It has aspects of eharmony's quiz that I love.  You can start a conversation and they don't totally eliminate the ones you initially pass on.  They leave them there for you to reconsider.  LOL!!!  

I have had a date.  Just some guy who was on a rant and I reached out to him.  I like rants and ramblings so... I gave it a try.  Did you know that 5'8" on my son seems very tall and 5'8" on a guy seems more like 5'6"?  I am a solid 5'3".  I have now decided that I like taller guys unless you are exceptionally kind and good looking.  I'm kidding!!!  I'm kidding a little bit.  Okay, maybe there some truth to that but don't hold it against me.  In any case, the guy was smart and the conversation was good.  At the end I walked toward my car and he was behind me.  I turn around and he was gone.  Where had he gone?  Was that him driving out of the parking lot like a bat out of Hades?  I called him confused and concerned.  I thanked him for the meal and explained that I thought he was walking me to the car.  When I got home, I had the last rant I would hear from him.  He was mean.  He said my reaction to his contrary point of view was that of a 15 year old girl.  I had said that I was immature when we were chatting.  I don't think I misrepresented myself.  He thought it was selfish of me to walk to my car and not notice that he wasn't behind me.  He criticized me alluding to being a social scientist and not being credentialed as one... (I was on a research team whose findings were published in a journal.)  In the end he said that I was not engaging and insensitive.  I responded before I deleted and blocked him.  I thanked him again for the meal and the feedback.  I apologized for making him feel that I was insensitive.  The truth of the matter was that I didn't really like him and I guess it showed.  Everything else was him responding to that.  Hurt people do end up hurting people.  I remembered that and have not taken it personally.  

I'm learning about this eating healthy business.  I feel better.  I have lost about 2.6 pounds in a week, not bad.  At least I'm not gaining.  However, my kids tend to eat what I eat.  The things that I love, they love.  They don't eat bread.  They can eat bread but they don't because I don't eat bread.  They'll eat a sandwich but I have to make it for them as an incentive for them to eat it and I don't really like touching bread.  Which means that they are going through the food faster than usual!!!  I'm glad because fresh produce does not keep.  But I may have to buy gluten filled cookies and crackers to supplement their sweet tooths so I am not fighting over the last raspberry.  

My work is going slow and it is easy to get distracted.  I just have to keep going.  I need to just keep trying to get it done no matter how little or how I feel at the end of the day.  Thank you for your prayers.  Be kind.  Trust in the Lord and be ready to forgive.  These are the things that I am learning these days.   Be well.  Praise the Lord!

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