Thursday, June 18, 2020

The Art of Pen Pals

Before you go to far into this post, please know, it was inspired by my friend, Mallorie who I met with for coffee and who suggested the topic of this post.

Has it been really 6 months when I met Peter on Bumble.  He told me that he wasn't really ready for a relationship and would it be okay to be friends.  I agreed.  We mainly text but I was missing letter writing so I suggested it to Peter.  He told me that he could barely keep up with texting but that I should look at this sub/Reddit on Pen Paling.  He sent me the link.  My first question was, "What's Reddit?"  I got a profile and went on.  It's been fun.  I have started a few letters with quite a few people.  Some people I have written, I haven't heard back from.  Some I am still writing.  I can't be too hard on people.  

There is something that I have discovered in pen palling.  There are a lot of people that are hurting in the world that need a friend to communicate with.  I read the posts and I try to answer them.  Some of them are striking up conversation.  Some are in pain and in need of someone to reach out to them and tell them that it will be okay.  I think of that song, "Message in a Bottle" by The Police.  Instead of messages being sent out into the void of the sea, their notes and pleas for attention are being sent out into the void of the internet in hopes that they can be seen.  Did I come across a dark crevasse of the world to be a light in a dark place?  As you know, I am a poor light but if I claim for one side or the other, I think you know what side I be reppin'!!!  

Besides, it gives me a reason to look forward to the mail other than looking for Amazon packages.  There is something about getting a pack of pens and finding just the right kind of stationery.  I got a letter from Courtney the other day.  She wrote me in the sweetest print!!!  She fit the whole letter in a little bit of stationery that was pink and cute.  I can add these souls to my prayer lists.  I don't write physical letters.  There are some that I write on the site.  There are others that I write emails to.  This is a way to find friends in other countries and other continents.  This is a way to practice another language.  This is a way to reach out and feel connected even as you are alone at home.  Sometimes there are people that just want to tell you their story and it is an easy way to listen.  

A note of warning:  You really don't know who you are dealing with when you are writing so I suggest to use caution.  If you feel uncomfortable then you don't have to deal with it.  The other good thing is that you can report people to the moderator if it doesn't go well.  There are a lot of young people on the site but again, I would warn to be very very careful.  The pen pal sub/Reddit is great and well moderated.  I wouldn't wander on Reddit.  

This is all for now friends.  I'll keep you posted on any interesting developments.  Until next time, praise the Lord!!!

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