Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Plus Sized

You know... I can't feel that bad about being plus-sized.  Every now and again, I don't really like the way I look in something but, for the most part, I like the way that I look.  I have recently decided to be healthy.  I asked myself why I wanted to do since I like to eat and I appreciate good food.  After much soul searching, I decided to eat more healthy for more focus and to feel healthy.  I could afford to lose weight but I don't know if my expectation goes to skinny.  My value is not really in the way that I look.  My value is in God so... I don't really have to worry about how I look.  

Here is the other thing.  I think plus sized women are beautiful.  I was perusing plus sized fashion.  It is so refreshing.  The colors, the confidence- I love it!!!  I think that companies have the token chunky model now.  I don't care.  I am so proud. I am so glad that there are women that look more like the women you see every day.  Women like me!!!  I mean, we don't know what the heroines of the Bible looked like.  I assume that they were in shape because they walked alot but, they could have used extra materials to make their togas and saris, right? It wasn't really about how they looked was it?  It was about Who they believed in.  

I know that, even now, thin is what is in.  I don't want to be on a diet and feel deprived of food.  That just leaves you hangry.  Ever been hangry before?  You become starved and then what happens is that you begin to dream of dancing food like fried shrimp and tartar sauce; chocolate milk shakes and pizza with extra cheese and all of the fixings.  When you attempt to restrain yourself of overeating, the end results is irritability and being mean.  I want to tell you that my sin nature comes out when I am hungry.  My prayers are like, "I'm sorry I snapped at the dozen or so people today when I was hungry, Lord."  There are times when I'm like, "Man, if I don't get food in me, I'm getting arrested."  I go across three lanes and my son is like, "Mom!!!"  "Quiet!!!  There a Mod Pizza at this exit!!"  It's better to eat constantly good vegetables and fruits, of lean meats and good fats.  Already my mind is a little clearer.  God love supports self-love because He is love.  You know what all this love exudes?  Beauty!  Good character and beauty is what you get.  

People look different when they are older.  As they age, people start looking different and there is nothing wrong with that.  Who will you be if you aren't about looks?  Is that all you have?  I could understand why people fear aging if they have relied on beauty this whole time.  I can't really complain, can I?  I love my daughter, she sees beauty everywhere.  I think it is her talent to see someone and be, "Mom, isn't she beautiful!!!"  She has never had a problem going up to people and giving them a compliment.  To her, they are not compliments, it is the truth.  This is the way that she sees the world and far be it from me to change her.  I think we can all try and see the beauty in people.  Go on ahead, I dare you.  I mean, I think God sees the beauty in us, why don't we try and follow this aspect of God.  Praise the Lord!!!

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