Friday, July 26, 2019

Where I Stand

Hello, Friends!!!

I have been on vacation.  My dear friend, Danielle was so kind and generous enough to invite me and my children on a road trip with her.  Can you imagine?  Special shout out to Danielle, Ryland and Hayden Witt who allowed us time with nature and with great friends. We went to Pine Top, Arizona.  There was the cutest place with miniature golf, an indoor pool and Jacuzzi and vistas to die for.  Danielle was even kind enough to do a mini photo session. 

I'm back now.  I'm getting ready to start work again.  I always get a little stressed out around this time.  So... I have gotten rid of two of the dating apps I was using.  Now with work, I'm going to have to focus on providing for my little family.  There are decisions ahead.  The children and I are contemplating what to do for the next year.  There are options.  I love that my children are so supportive of changes.  We are asking ourselves what we want and we are making plans to accomplish them.  It is so empowering!!!  Praise the Lord!  Is it scary?  Yes.  Change is scary.  I think it needs to happen. 

I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little worried. I'm discovering that I love to travel.  I love driving at at night.  The things that I used to be afraid of, I'm embracing.  Things that I thought I could do, I'm finding difficult.  There are times when my heart feels burdened.  There are times when there is sorrow and pain in my heart.  I find myself praying for my children.  What is my life if my children are not without God?  However, you should know that I am trusting in God.  My other prayer is for the Lord to lead me in the paths that He wants me to go on.  Just thinking of this makes me happy.  God has blessed me with a vacation.  God has allowed opportunities for me and my family.  So no matter where I am, no matter where I stand, I am praying for the grace and will of God on my life. 

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