Sunday, July 14, 2019

The Marvelous Mrs. Miller

I was watching The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.  This is a show about a young woman with two children and after four years, her husband leaves her.  It is set in the 1950s New York City.  She loses it and goes on stage and inadvertently becomes a comedienne.  It's good stuff, crazy and realistic.  There is a scene where her husband says that she is too much.  Right away I understood this sentiment.  He said she was too funny, too smart and too pretty and he realized that the reason that he left was that he couldn't measure up to that.  Not what I was expecting. 

My husband always said that I was too pretty.  Poor guy, blind as a bat.  He said I would always have trouble finding guys because I was too smart.  My husband also would tell you that I was incidentally funny.  I would be telling him about my day and he would think that I was cute or that it would come out funny.  He had this loud braying laugh and he would laugh till the tears came out when I would tell him about my day.  Maybe I'm like Mrs. Maisel.  Maybe I'm too much... scratch that maybe.  I'm too much too.

I asked someone what they wanted in a woman.  He told me four things: loyal, funny, spontaneous and cute.  I was scared to death he would ask me the same question.  What do I want in a man?  The only thing that I can think about is everything.  LOL!!!  Other than that one word, I can not articulate what I would like.  So, I definitely need a blog post to try and process some of it.  I put it out there and asked, "If you were to build the perfect guy for me, what qualities would you choose?"  Let's see what happens...

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