Sunday, July 7, 2019


I need to be careful of the words that I use because these days, they are coming back to haunt me.  I have been making fun of hobbies.  I have.  If you didn't know, "hobby" is a word that really upsets me.  I have also been making jokes about my future.  I have told my children and my friends that if dating doesn't work, I will take up crocheting or another such hobby and leave men to deal with themselves without little old me.

I am a mentor to Francine (shout out).  She is currently dating (Was I not supposed to say?).  This past week, she gave me a boatload of yarn with accompanying crochet needle.  It made me laugh as I brought the yarn into the house.  Are you giving me a sign, God? Today my son comes into the living room as I'm watching television and he says, "This will be you, Mom.  This will be you in a few years." As he glanced at me covered in a granny square camouflage afghan that will cause me carpal tunnel in a few years with two cats hovering about.  I am the me that I predicted that I would be.

I started the blanket and immediately I had no idea what I would do with it.  I went to visit some friends and it just so happens that I brought my blanket with me.  One of their sons who loves camouflage became fascinated with the blanket.  I knew then that the blanket was for him.  Irony?  Providence?  Serendipity?  God's Sovereignty? 

I find it ironic that I love words but when it comes to using them, sometimes, I lack them.  How could this be?  Is this God's work?  I mean, the Bible is full of irony.  If you want to gain your life, you must lose it.  The first will be last and the last with be first.  Right now, right this moment, I am quiet.  I don't have a lot of words to write but I find that I have a lot to say.  More irony?  Maybe. This is all for now. 

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