Thursday, July 11, 2019

Nearly Done

Today I cancelled one of the dating subscriptions, Coffee Meets Bagel.  I found it to be a terrible app that doesn't verify the subscriber either by face or by telephone.  You have to purchase coffee beans or beans and they suggest people for you.  At first, they suggested several people to you.  Now I'm getting one suggestion per day.  You can see if there are more guys that you would like, but it's going to cost you some beans.  It's almost 400 beans to like a guy and you can't even send him a message.  I'm so done with this app!!!

There is another app that I came across by the name of Zoosk.  I have had some conversations and they do verify both your number and your face which is always relieving.  I do get a lot of attention on Zoosk...  from men who are well over a decade over than me.  I mean I'm like, "You're 67!!!  I know my profile says 47 but I'm functioning at about 37 and my maturity level is like 27.  This app is the next to go.

I'm on an app called Bumble.  I have the most success with this app.  I think it's fun and easy.  Okay, I have had some conversations with some really really good-looking men.  You should know that the good looking ones are the ones to stay away from!!!!  Well, in my case the really good looking ones are the ones to stay away from.  They are just like Doritos.  I need to just stay away from them.  I'm laughing about it but I'm staying away.  I think Doritos are safer.

I have also made one or two friends.  There are some sweet guys out there.  There is one guy who has given me full permission to talk about him (not that I was asking permission).  I won't mention his name but he is just the sweetest.  We already met and there was no clicking but we have kept on chatting as friends and I think... there just might be a date redo.  We are redoing a date.  So does this count as a second date?  I don't know.

I'm also on eharmony and not even close to answering all of the questions that they have on there.  It's a lot to take.  I have a subscription that ends in September and one that ends in January.  Regardless if I find someone, I am done.  As it is I am looking at what I need for the upcoming school year.  I am working on my academic stuff.  I am raising my children and I am looking at upcoming plans.  I have been talking with God.  It's easy to get discouraged and feel rejected when trying to date.  What does it matter if I'm not liked?  I am LOVED by the Creator of the Universe.  If someone doesn't see my worth, well, HE does.  I feel like I had to try it to see what it was like.  Thankfully, I'm nearly done with this experiment.  I'm working on other things.  I'll keep you posted.

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