Thursday, July 18, 2019

Things I Miss From New York

I lived in New York City for 37 years.  I have been in Arizona for a decade and I went back to New York once.  There are so many things that I don't miss from NYC.  I don't miss having to take the subways.  I don't miss the rats.  I don't miss living in an apartment on Grand Concourse.  I don't miss the humid summers with the trash out on the sidewalk.  I definitely don't miss living in a four floor walk-up.  This whole post could be about what I don't miss about NYC.

But I miss my family.  I miss seeing so many of my cousins and having family gatherings.  There is no group of people quite like those you were born into.  We talk the same way.  We like the same music.  Man, when my family is around and we start dancing, there is nothing like it!!!  I miss them.  I miss just being around my clan.

I miss the food.  I miss the pizza and I'm glad that I'm gluten free out here in Arizona rather than being gluten free in NYC.  Santi used to go to this place around the corner from where we used to live and eat chicken pastelillos with hot cafe con leche for breakfast.  There is no place in the world that makes bacon, egg and cheese on a roll from this deli on 7th Avenue across the street from FIT.   Gray's Papaya in the village.  There used to be this bagel place where we used to eat everything bagels and cream cheese with Joanne.  I liked to eat in the morning from those little carts sesame seed bun with butter and tea light and sweet.  Oh My Goodness!!!  All of these places I used to visit with Santi.  He loved food.  I think this is why NYC is not the same to me.  Could be.

I was telling some friends how I miss leaving the house and just window shopping or people watching.  People watching is my favorite.  I was in Central Park looking at shoes and Santi was like, "Did you see that?"  I was like, "What?"  Apparently, I missed Judy Dench but she had a great pair of shoes on.  There is no place in the world to be broke in.  We buried my cat, Luigi by Turtle Pond in Central Park.  It was our favorite place in Central Park, right by Belvedere Castle.  Growing up in NYC was magical.  There is no place like it.  I am nostalgic for a place that no longer exists.  Going back I go into New Yorker mode.  My son was like, "Mom why are we running?"  LOL!!!

For those who live in NYC, post pics and tag me in them.  Please know that the next time I'm out there, I'm staying with my co-madre but get ready because I'm hanging out with all of you.  SFR, Spellman,  PS 109, Eta Omega Tau, Pace University, Lehman (There are so many schools in this list).  Hey, get ready I'm going to go back and I'm making a schedule.

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