Saturday, May 16, 2020

Weird Things from the Pandemic

I'm sitting here anticipating how things will get back to normal, whatever that looks like.  There are some things that I will remember but most things I will lump into a haze and form an impression about it later.  I have decided that I don't want that.  So I have compiled a list of moments that I may have to add to but that I am thinking about currently.

-It hit for us really March 13th.  I remember going to the store and being upset because the only thing that was missing was toilet paper.  Little did I know that things would get a little more crazy.

-Going to the bathroom and being worried about toilet paper.

-Going to work to help out and having to wear a mask and gloves.

-Not hugging everyone I meet.

-Going to the store and not finding anything.  There was no toilet paper, no butter, no milk, no cheese, no rice, no pasta, no ramen, no popcorn.  I thought I would never have popcorn again.  I remember getting worried but then praying and finding other things with my children to eat instead of what we were used to.

-Driving empty streets.

-Working from home and attending a lot of video conferences.

-Writing less, not more.

-Walking 10,000 steps a day and going to the park to watch the sunset.

-Hanging out with my children.

-Going to church in the living room and finding that I miss seeing my people.

-Finding pen pals on Reddit and making friends with some of them.

-Finding new music to listen to.

-Finding new shows to watch.

-Coloring with pens.

-Making videos and posting to social media.

-Hearing about people dying back home.  It was so sad!!!

-Finding that Jesus still gives peace.

-Praying for people in different ways.

-Finding out how much people love you through letters and baked goods.

-Car parades.

-Marco Polo, Snapchat and Instagram love.

-Being thankful for things I didn't know I could be thankful for.

-Learning to let go of things.

-Leaning on my Bible Study People.

-Reading the Psalms and finding that people emoted a lot, even back then.

-Learning how awesome my kids are, despite being a single mama who is a hot mess.

-Easily getting used to the quiet... finally.

This whole situation has been interesting.  I am respectful of those who are continuing to self-isolate.  I understand why some wouldn't.  All in all, I am sitting here in a spirit of gratefulness that Jesus has been with me this whole time.   Even when I have found that I don't need outside influences to misbehave.  To quote a Tyler Perry movie title, "I can do bad all by myself."  Isn't that the truth.  Praise the Lord!  God bless you all!  You are missed and loved.

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