Wednesday, May 27, 2020

A Touch of PMS

PMS stands for Pre-Menstrual Syndome.  I get a touch of PMS.  I'm going to take a minute to describe it to you all because I think everyone has their own shares of it.  About 14-10 days before the cycle begins again, it starts with a craving, usually for something cheesy.  In the better 2 weeks, I have an aversion to sugary stuff.  This is because when those cravings hit, I can eat candy like it is going out of style.  Santi used to call it BP... I call it BP, Bottomless Pit Syndrome.  I think that I will never stop eating.  If it was only the physical stuff, the bloating, the cramps, the exhaustion, then I would be okay.   But there is more. 

In the Harry Potter series, they have this thing called Dementors.  When they come around, it feels as if you will never be happy again.  They go away when you call on your own personal Patronus, a spirit animal that comes and chases the Dementors away.  After a run in, it is best to eat chocolate.  I figured that J.K. Rowling invented these creatures after having a rough bout of PMS.  Broccoli helps.  Chocolate?  Most definitely helps.  But Ms. Rowling got one thing right. In order to get through it, you have to call on the Spirit.  

When these dark moments come, I know they are not real.  I know the truth but the difference between knowing and feeling are continents away and I call on God.  I wonder what kind of trouble women who have PMS have gotten themselves into not knowing what to do to get through it all.  After praying it is best to have yourself some chocolate.  I am always thankful for God and chocolate!!!

Bloated and feeling poorly, fatigued and overwhelmed, maybe that old serpent comes round again to convince us of some more lies, he's invented.  I caught him telling me that I will never be happy again.  He whispered to me with his forked tongue that I was nothing but a useless muggle.  Useless!!!  I will have you know that every day I wake up it is because my time has not come.  This means I'm still fighting the good war.  

My daughter who has started the cycle asked me why.  I read to her Genesis 3.  Her first response was, "That's not fair.  What do the boys have to go through?"  I read their curse to her.  She stayed quiet.  I will make sure she has chocolate for her dementor days.  I will teach her to call, not on some silly Patronus but on God Himself to help her through it.  Not just her dementor days, all of the days, but especially the dementor days.  Be kind.  Love your neighbor.  Eat your broccoli and have chocolate in the house.  Call on God.  He will answer you.  Watch out for those dementors.  

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