Wednesday, May 13, 2020

My Shoes

I have a thing with shoes.  I do.  And then, I have found that I could buy this brand of shoe, that teachers love, on clearance for a fraction of the price at the Outlet stores.  Here is the thing.  It is easy to buy good shoes here.  It is easy to buy a lot of things here in Phoenix.  We have a Last Chance here, where Nordstroms sends their final clearance items and returns.  I find it is a great place to buy shoes.  I have bought a pair of  Donald J Pliner cork sandals for $18 and a pair of cool blue Stuart Weitzman sneakers for... do I even say? 

I like shoes because they are easy to try on.  I am always on the look out for the perfect pair.  I wear my sneakers.  I break them in and when I finally get them where I want, they fall apart on me.  That's the thing, shoes don't last forever  They fall apart.  They fall out of style. They fall out of favor.  Last winter I found a pair of wedge boots in leather that I could wear with almost everything. I can't really wear boots in the summer so now I am thinking about shoes for the summer.  I don't need shoes for the summer.  Vionic, Fit Flops, Reefs, Rainbows, Man!!!  I have a shoe and a purse problem.

Here is the thing.  I am looking for something I probably will never find on this earth.  Are you looking for something you will never find?  The perfect purse?  The perfect shade of red?  The perfect man?  The perfect house?  We are all looking for something perfect when perfect doesn't really exist. I am looking at the pairs of shoes that I have and I am deciding what I like about them.  The shoes that I don't have anything to say about, I can sell or give away.  There is a plan in place.  Because there is only one that is perfect and good.  He's the one that needs to be greater in my heart than my shoe or purse idol.  And yes, confession hurts.

That's all for now.  Maybe next time I'll talk about my purses... or my costume jewelry collection...ooooo, how about my make up!!!  Oops!  I maybe need to work on more than my shoes as idols.   Pray for each other, Friends.  We all have the disease of... humanity. 

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