Monday, May 4, 2020

May the 4th

Today is May the 4th, as in: "May the Fourth be with you."  It is the unofficial Star Wars day.  I have a lot of friends of mine that are uber fans.  Me?  I like the movies well enough but I would not categorize myself as an uber fan.  I like Princess Leia. 

I remember my Titi Mina taking us to see Star Wars.  I remember that the line was so long and how cool it was to see the words go across the screen the way that it did.  I was about 5?  Maybe I was older.  The line to get into the movies was super long.  I think it was the second movie I had ever been too.  The first movie was "Sleeping Beauty."  I will confess now that I slept during the movie and I didn't watch it again until I was an adult.  I have found that I enjoy movies immensely but I'm not a fanatic of them either.  It's good to find out these things about yourself. 

I remember watching Episodes 1-3.  You will disagree but they are my favorite.  I finally understand more of the plot.  I liked watching Darth Vader begin the transition.  I am a person who likes sequence and endings.  I haven't seen the ending yet.  I'm taking my time with this series.  I don't know if I'll like the way it ends things being that I have not made my peace with the way the order was presented. 

I love the themes of Star Wars.  I like the idea of the Dark Side and Light Side.  I like the enthusiasm shown to fight and the idea of having a cause.  Star Wars started something.  The Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, etc... it presents a group of characters as the heroes with their varying roles.  People in offices and in teams can relate to the misfit, or the mean princess (😃😁), the mentor, etc...  I think there is even an MBTI chart corresponding to the various personality types of Star Wars. 

I have a Princess Leia action figure that I liked and bought on sale at Game Stop.  I think I have a sweatshirt somewhere.  I'm not a die hard fan but I like the story enough to rep some gear and partake of the festivities, if I'm allowed.  There are other things I would like to talk about this week.  I'm going to sign off right about now but... May God's force and blessings be upon you today and I always pray that you choose Light over Dark when you are looking at sides. 

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