Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Remembering- Not Worshipping

When the old lady from "Titanic" goes to where the documentary is being made, she had so much stuff.  She brought a trunk and it was okay to put the trunk down and just lay out the stuff to make it feel more like home.  I'm looking around at my messy room now.  Someone recently asked me if I was a neat person.  I had to say that I was not a neat person.  I look around my room with the touches of pink, on the bookshelf is the painting that Robin made me that I cherish.  By my bed, are the pictures my children made me and my husband put up so that I could wake up in the morning to be reminded of  them.  How could I take that down?  My husband loving arranged it for me!!!  I have to take it down but I would have to keep the pictures.  Already they are teenagers, I want to keep my memories.  

I see myself.  I see myself taking my scarves and fragrances.  I see myself with my books and frames.  I have to wrap up the pieces.  My son, he is like, "Why, Mom? Just give it away."  A lot of it I will give away.  I promise I will.  I told him.  You have to hold on to it until you are ready to make peace and give it away.  It is harder than you think.  For some, all you see is a piece of paper with some scribbles.  For other is can be a treasure because it is the last note that your father wrote you before he passed.  When some people see a cup, you see the mug that your husband drank his coffee from every day.  There are some things you can gladly get rid of, there are other things that you hold on to until you you are ready to give them up.  

I think God understands this about us.  We hold on to things.  He tells us, "Let it go."  With tears in our eyes we look at Him.  I want to believe he understands why we do it.  "No idols."  He tells us sternly.  It's just stuff after all.  We leave it all behind for other people to remember us by.  

That old lady from "Titanic," even though she had all that stuff.  You could tell at the end it didn't really matter.  She didn't worship the stuff.  She didn't even worship the diamond that everyone was looking for.  She had it to remember but not to worship.  We would do good to remember this.  I would do good to remember this.  

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