Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Doing Kindnesses

My co-worker and friend, Joe, he did me a kindness.  At some point yesterday, I had a sad moment.  I looked up at the sky (my ceiling) and prayed, "God send me help."  In that moment, Joe texted me.   I am thankful for him. 

Today he came by and dropped off delicious Chicken Tikki Marsala. We are like family over at Maya High School.  He is one of us.  He was just dropping it by on his way to another "relatives" house.  He is teaching me hospitality. 

Can I drop off something for you?  Is there something you need?  Can I draw you a picture?  Can I send you a text?  Would you like video chatting me as I lay in bed and we can sing songs?  Earlier today I had Janet paint a stone and we put Jesus on it.  It will be a sharing stone. Tomorrow we will do another and another.  I will line my messed up weed filled lawn with these stones and hope that people will feel compelled to take them and share them.

Yesterday evening, I shared through video one of my sunsets with Jodi.  She did me a kindness.  She let me talk to her about an emotional owie I had.  I am thankful.  Harriet dropped off her favorite kinds of cookies and today she sent me a text telling me she is praying for me.  My neighbor Craig did something wonderful.  He mowed and trimmed my lawn because he knows that I hate it.  Blessings after blessings have come to me.

Even my children are kind.  I bought a box of decadent ice cream bars.  They looked at the box of three and I said, "To share."  My sweet children came into agreement and said, "No, Mom.  For you."  My cup runneth over.   Surely God is good to me. 

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