Friday, April 3, 2020

Perfect Day

At the end of the movie, "A.I. (Artificial Intelligence)," the Pinocchio figure, David, was granted a perfect day.  I remembered crying at the end of the movie.  I watched it the first time with Santi. A perfect day was enough for this boy for the eternity that he would continue to exist.  Can you imagine living in a memory?

A few years ago, I asked Santi if he had one day to live, what would he do?  He described our Saturday.  Wake up late and hang out in bed reading or talking.  We would get up late morning/early afternoon to have lunch.  We would watch a movie or clean up.  Early evening we would go for a walk, and maybe watch the sunset.  We would come home and either make dinner or go to one of our favorite places to eat.  Maybe we would go shopping; maybe we would go to the mall.  Santi's idea of a perfect was every day.  We had a lot of perfect days.  I think back on them and I wonder if all my perfect days have past.

Listen to me carefully, even if I never live another perfect day again, God is good.  That statement right there is warmer and more comforting than all of the perfect days I have been blessed to have.  In the midst of this quarantine that has lasted longer than imagined and will continue to last, I look around and see that I have been blessed beyond all measure.  I have my two babies.  Somehow, God in his infinite wisdom, has allowed me to have two beautiful children.  Every day, life is a blessing.

Today in the midst of a pandemic, I worked.  I was able to talk to some parents, kids and teachers.  I went on a hike with my children.  I saw the sky and I let the sun hit my face.  We then bought water and some food.  We argued and fought.  We laughed and leaned on each other.  We ate good food.  Every day has the ability to be a good day, no... a great day.  Maybe even a perfect day.  You never know.  Praise God!!!

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