Friday, April 10, 2020

Good Friday 2020

Good Friday last year I went to church with my children.  I sat at a restaurant and ate with friends after the service.  Today is much different than last year.

We usually go to a Tenebrae Service.  As we go through the final statements of Jesus, the lights dim.  We leave in darkness.  It feels right to mourn and grief our Lord.  I lay all of my doubts, misgivings and sin there in the dark with the hope that we win the war.

Today I did something for the first time I have not been able to do.  I thought that I was changing.  I thought that this was a new normal.  But today, I slept in.  I slept.  I lingered in bed.  I read.  I have not been able to read but today I read significantly.  Already I am thinking about the next book that I can read.  I am favoring mysteries instead of my normal Chick Lit fair.  Today I felt a little of the old me for the first time in a long time.  The me that makes plans and does not get distracted.  The me that is more brave and less scared.  The me that likes to do things and finds pleasure in the doing.  Have I just been missing him this whole time?  I think I have.  I am happy to report that on this Good Friday, I am thankful.  I have a plan for one day at a time.

Today is the day that we commemorate the dying of our Lord on the cross.  He is not dead now.  He has risen.  He didn't stay dead.  We don't stay dead, we who believe.  Even in a pandemic, Jesus is alive.  He is alive and we can live too.  Hopeful?  Yes.  I send this hope to you.

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