Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Busy Making Messes

I am an only child.  My mother had Lupus when I was growing up and she was sick often.  My bedroom was far away from my parent's bedroom.  It was at the end of a corridor.  I spent a lot of time in this bedroom.  In my head, I can see it.  I had lacy flower curtains and hot pink walls.  The furniture was white.  It was wood painted white not clapboard.  I had this huge television.  It was an incredibly girly room.  Every time my mother would leave me alone in this room, I would keep busy.  For the most part, I kept it pretty clean until I hit puberty.  Then I don't' know what happened and I can't really tell you.  But I will tell you this: I was either busy cleaning or busy making a mess.

You may not know this but I have this thing with Doritos.  I don't know if you have ever had Doritos but they are messy.  They leave crumbs.  Your fingers are sticky from eating them.  Your breath stinks.  They are wonderful.  They have no nutritional value.  They may cause you serious harm if you eat them every day.  Of course, they are my favorite!!!  I am always equating sin to these Doritos.  I'm having a bad day, I buy my Doritos and tell myself, "It's okay, Elle.  You should have these Doritos."  I'm celebrating, I buy Doritos.  I'm not doing anything at all, I'm buying Doritos.  You get the picture.  It is easy to equate these Doritos with sin.  Should I buy a box of wine?  Yes because these are trying times.  Should I get angry at my student?  Yes, I should. They should have been working.  Should I be making plans to go dancing after quarantine?  Yes.  I am making all of these plans.  I'm eating Doritos.  I am busy making a mess, Friends. 

So... I will take a moment and re-think and re-evaluate things.  It is a good time to do so.  I will take a deep breath in and out a few times and think about the things that really matter.  I am appreciative of the people in my life that make things better not worse.  Another breath in and out, I am thankful to spend so much time with my children.  Breath in and out, I will be thankful to God for providing for me and looking out for me.  I need to be busy cleaning not making a mess.  I just think sometimes you have to make a mess before you find the need to clean. 😉  That's all for now.  Stay safe and stay sane. 

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