Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Allegations of Futility

I'm a teacher.  I teach.  I am currently blessed to be working under this pandemic (why use another word?).  I think that part of my job has always been to motivate.  In my head I think, "I will push you toward this education because I truly believe, not only in my heart but in my soul, that you need at least this little tiny bit of education at least to have a chance in this world."  I am one of the ones that believe, "Knowledge is power."  I would and could quote the parts of Proverbs where knowledge is the better investment.  I won't.  This post is not about knowledge, it's about futility, or allegations of futility.

I call the kids up.  "Why are you not engaged?  What have you been doing with your time?  How come you haven't been doing your work?"  I get calls from teachers.  Parents have not been picking up my calls.  I have been leaving voice and text messages.  I try and call the kids directly.  Can I work with you?  Can I help you?  Let's work on a goal!  Let me provide services for you.  This is the impression that I get: It doesn't matter.  I will wait until the world opens up again.  There is this idea of "pause" that we are on as if this time does not matter.  Time passes anyway. 

I'll give you an example.  I painted my nails today.  I painted them royal blue.  Very few people will see them.  I look at my hands as I am typing right this very second.  They are pretty. They make me feel happy.  Some of you will argue that it is a waste of paint.  I will tell you to read my post on wearing the Chanel.  It will waste or become stale no matter what. It is not a exercise in futility!!!  It is an act of nail and self care!  It may FEEL futile but in time, it may do something; it may prove something. 

There are so many things that may feel futile but aren't.  Whenever I talk to my children; whenever I go out walking; whenever I take vitamins; whenever I make my bed.  There are times that I hear my son tell my daughter my words.  There are times that I am happy to be able to walk when so many others can not.  I don't know what vitamins do but if they help me from aging and going bald (hair, skin and nails) then, let's go!  I still won't make up my bed but  when I do, I like falling into it at night.  Just because some things my feel like they don't matter doesn't mean that they don't. 

*Takes a breath and gets off of the soapbox.*

So... encourage one another:
I Thessalonians 5:11
"Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing."

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