Sunday, April 5, 2020

An Isolated Palm Sunday

Today is Palm Sunday.  I had forgotten about Easter.  In my head, before the madness that is this pandemic even started really, I had imagined that it would be over by Easter.  It's not.  It would have been my daughter's official last egg hunt as a member of the children's ministry.  It would have been her last Pinewood Derby and she would have been prayed over and given something to commemorate her tenure as a child attending church for the majority of her life.  This year my children will be transitioning to high school and middle school without much fanfare.  I will fare my fan for them but it will not be the same. 

On my feeds, people are dying.  I have said, "I am sorry for your loss." more than I would have imagined.  I am sitting here looking at the palm trees that surround me.  I am praying for healing.  I don't know how to feel or what to think.  I look up to the sky and I am thankful this day.  I am thankful to God.  You see, I want to be worried.  I want to read all of the articles and I want to worry about when things will get back to the alleged 'normal.'  I want to wallow in the muck of worry and anxiety and have an excuse to behave badly.  Instead I sit here and say silent prayers.  I thank and believe in God.

I heard from someone recently that religious people are the worst.  Aren't we though?  I know that I am no angel.  I tell people that I am one of those Christians that really do need Jesus.  You know what I mean, "That girl needs some Jesus!!!"  Yes I do.  Hence the hotter mess tag everywhere.  Let's not forget how much I need Jesus. 

I have no more words to write for now.  I am praying for you all.  If you need to believe in something, I offer to you God.  That's all for now.  Praise God!

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