Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Use the Chanel

I was a young adult living in New York City with my father.  I was in college.  I don't know how but somehow a Bergdorf Goodman credit card made it to my house with my name on it.  I had a credit line of about $1,000.  I decided that I was going to use that card.  I left the house with my jeans and sneakers and I made my way to 5th Avenue.  I started getting nervous when I passed the Tiffany's.  It was the same illustrious Tiffany's as the movies.  I remember going into Bergdorf's that day without a plan and I ended up leaving almost as quickly as I entered.  I was overwhelmed. 

The next time I made it the plan was to get a pair of eyeglasses but even those were a lot for me.  I didn't even wear sunglasses all of the time. I couldn't imagine wearing a pair only for a few times out of the year.  In New York City, if there's too much sun, you can just cross the street.  Instead I got sucked into the Annick Goutal sale where you buy one and you get one free.  I ended up with two Eau D'Hadrien whose scent I still miss today.  However, the one thing that I wanted was a Chanel compact and lipstick, so after I made my way from the Goutal counter, I found the courage to go up to the Chanel counter and ask for help with a blush and a lipstick.  It was the 90s and the darker colors were in style.  I found myself with a burgundy Chanel that offset my skin just right with the rosy blush.  I don't know how she put on the blush but I have yet to master blush the way that it was put on me that day I left with my parcels feeling extra extra special. 

I would use the Chanel compact on the subway in the mornings.  I have no idea what ever became of it in the end.  But the lipstick, I put away only to use for special occasions.  Every now and again a moment would come and I would drag out the Chanel lipstick for the occasion.  One day, I had a special night planned and I remember taking out the Chanel lipstick.  Even as I opened it, I knew something wasn't right.  I could smell that the lipstick had gone stale.  In my head I thought, "Surely it isn't all that bad!"  I attempted to put it on but it was sticky and I felt an unpleasant sensation on my lips.  My pretty lipstick was beyond saving.  I had put it away only to use on special occasions and it turns out that I didn't use it enough!!!  What else had I put away only to use for special occasions only to throw them out.  Dishes, make up, clothes, hair things.  I found things squirreled away to use for... another day, not today. 

I have been thinking of my stories as well, stories that I have saved up to tell when?  How?  What better day than today to tell them and write them!!!  When I'm dead, I'll have no more stories to tell or to write.  I think about death.  I think about the things people would have told me if they though to tell and not wait.  Would there be stories I haven't heard?  Would there be sentiments that I have missed?  Would their be voyages and trips taken?  I don't know.  I'm not saying to spend your rainy day fund.  I'm saying use that diamond barrette today, just because you like it.  Use the lotion.  Burn the candle.  Give the gift. 

Take it from me, Friends.  Life is short.  Use the Chanel.

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