Thursday, January 30, 2020

Keep Going

How do you keep on going?  For some people it means to live each day as it comes.  For others it means to breathe in and out.  For some it means a fight and for some it means that breathing is a fight.  So... I keep going.  Living can be hard.  Falling apart is not always part of the plan.

HOWEVER, Don't we have some days like this?  I love reading the Psalms.  They go through so many emotions.  I like Psalm 27.  It's a good Psalm for bad days.  There are a lot of Psalms for a lot of emotions but I'm on 27.  I'm chewing on it.  There's more.

I felt bad this morning.  I was feeling sort of bad last night.  There were things all over the place that I couldn't let wash over me.  I went into a classroom today and when I went to make my exit, my co-worker put on a video that I definitely needed to see.  It was Steve Harvey talking about motivation.  It was about having faith.  It was about continuing to go on when you think there is nothing left. 

This is a theme.  I walked away yesterday from Women's Bible Study thinking about the Great Commission in Matthew 28:16-20.  The disciples were at a low and Jesus comes back and sends them out into the world armed with His power. It is darkest before the dawn.  So I wait. I wait and trust in God.  I wait and rely on the Truth.  I hold this Truth up against what I feel. The Truth wins.  The  TRUTH wins every time.  KEEP. GOING.  Praise the Lord!!!

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