Monday, January 20, 2020

Janet's 12th Birthday

I was looking at Janet's birthday party from last year.  We had her party at Great Skate.  It was awesome!!!  In November, I started asking her what she wanted for her birthday.  Her birthday, being in January, not even a month after Christmas, need preparation.  This little girl gave me such a hard time.  She told me that she didn't want anything.  Ugh!!!  I heard her brother talking to her, "You know, Janet, you have to let Mom celebrate your birthday. You don't want her to feel like a bad mom, do you?"  My kids crack me up.  But I get it.  She didn't want the baby party.  She wanted to celebrate like a big kid.  Last week, we went to the mall and I let her go into every single teeny bopper the mall had.  This was an adventure in itself.  Let me tell you about her birthday.

The Wedding: 
I had a busy week and didn't think about the multitude of little things I needed to remember.  My son going with the church to Winter Camp.  My daughter's birthday on Saturday and the wedding of Missy and Eddie.  Instead I focused on getting things done.  So, I ran out of work and went to pick up my son to take him to church.  Janet wasn't ready so I left her getting ready to take him to church only to come back to my house and pick up Janet.  She still wasn't ready but it was what we had.  I didn't even have time to update my hair and make up.  I made it work.  You know me.  It was a beautiful wedding.  Lucky for me, Janet's close friend, Nautica was there.  Two girls and a wedding, can you picture it?  There was dancing.  There was laughter.  There was happiness.  It wasn't her wedding but she counts it as part of her birthday weekend.  I'm so glad.

The Shopping: 
We woke up late.  Waking up late is a gift.  We got up.  Got dressed and went to the mall, not with her best friend but with my best friend.  All three of us went to all of the stores while Janet chose stuff to buy.  It was a learning experience.  She had her money and she was going to buy stuff for the first time ever.  All I had to do was hang out by the side.  After we bought our stuff, we went out to eat at Outback where we were sat and served quickly and ate like Queens.  We went home and hung out watching our shows only to go to sleep.  

The Actual Celebration:
Did you know that tweens and teens sleep a lot?  They are growing.  I let them sleep.  As I walk pass their rooms I can hear it.  They are stretching out and becoming who God wants them to be.  Who am I to interrupt?  Who am I to wake them to live?  They have enough living ahead of them.  I let them sleep.  I let them grow.  I pray over them when they are in repose.  I love them.  I send love waves their way as they dream.  We bought a cake, only for Janet.  She doesn't have to share at all. In my defense, it was a small cake.  I bought a white jacket for all of us as well as some white t-shirts and we spent some time tie dying everything.  It was fun hanging out all together and making a mess.  This morning we will finish everything.  

I thank God for my little girl.  I'm blessed to be her mom.  My prayer is that she always walk with Jesus, everything else is just icing.  

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