Wednesday, January 29, 2020

My Truth

Hard days.  I understand this concept.  I don't want to dwell on hard days but there are days when I can only sing Fuel's "Bad Day" over and over on a loop.  So, let me tell you about a strategy that I use for bad days.  I find a truth.  I find THE Truth.  I'll explain.

I remember going to God after my mom died.  I recognized that I was not in a good place.  My family was breaking apart around me.  The adults were not acting like adults.  I was a kid.  My mother was gone.  Who would take care of me?  I was taken to Sunday School.  I liked to read.  I had a Bible.  I knew the Bible stories.  I remember finding a verse in my Bible that said:

Psalm 27:10
"My father and mother may abandon me, but the LORD will take care of me." (GNT)

I went up to God with this.  I told Him that He would need to protect me.  It was in His Bible and He didn't lie.  I had the faith of a child.  On bad days I would open my Bible and remind Him.  I kept on looking for more promises.  I needed to find more Truth.  The Truth would set me free.  I found God and God was on my side.  Failed a test? God is on my side.  Late for school? God is with me.  Job Interview?  God tells me not to worry.  My father dies?  God tells me that He will never leave me nor forsake me.  Deep breathing and relying on my truth.  Prayer works... for anxiety.  Prayer works... for depression.  Prayer works... for bad days.  Prayer and truth is what I use for bad days. 

I don't talk about God at work.  I'm not allowed.  When they come to me sweating and upset or crying and miserable, I tell them to breathe.  I tell them to find a truth.  I can't give them my Truth.  I know that my Truth will set them free.  I know that my Truth will get them through the bad minutes, the bad hours, the bad days, the bad moments that may follow them long after the start of the the trauma.  I can't.  I have two children at home who understand trauma.  Those are the children that I teach my Truth to.  I model it to them.  I pray for them fervently  I model prayer.  I model faith.  I model what to do on bad days. 

I have collected a bunch of promises to rely on when I need... Truth.  God is good to me.  I don't know.  I think you should try it too.  Praise the Lord1!! 

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