Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Teaching English

Today I got to teach a tiny bit of English.  There was a sub in the room, nice older guy who is a brilliant sub.  I taught about the first steps of creating an argument, making a claim.  I taught about the different types of arguments made.  Later I got to teach about writing poetry.  I also taught a little Maya Angelou. 

Later as the sub was leaving he told me that it was a pleasure watching me teach.  He told me that I taught with passion.  He told me that I came alive teaching English.  He went over the way that I taught each lesson and how I pulled the students in.  As he walked out of the door, he said that he knew where my passion was.

I have a degree in English.  I have said that I loved English so much that even my elective classes were in English.  I love stories.  I love language.  I love words.  I ask my students what words mean.  Today I asked them what relationship means.  They don't understand the use of leveraging relationships.  They don't understand the use of establishing acquaintances.  I love to ask about words. 

It's not just about language.  My father, my smart, brilliant father would make me read Spanish.  I would read the beautiful Spanish in the Bible, Reina Valera.  It is an incredible translation.  He liked that would read Ruben Dario.  He introduced me to him.  In high school when we covered Neruda, Garcia-Lorca, Gabriela Mistral; my father didn't mind paying my tuition.  It was money well spent.  If only he could get me to get rid of my Puerto Rican Spanish accent.  I'm laughing.  He worked so hard to get me to talk English without an accent.  He wanted my Spanish accent to be pristine, then my mother's gene reared it's beautiful Caribbean crown in my tongue, in my language.   

All this to say that I love English and I love teaching English.  I'm... uncovering things.  I'm deconstructing.  I'm deconstructing myself.  I found a nugget of myself.  I knew it was there but today was confirmation.  Right now I'm choosing happy.  As always, Praise God!!!

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