Saturday, January 18, 2020

Real Men Like Ducky

I love to watch movies with my now 12 year old, Janet.  I will be writing a post on her birthday weekend for posterity.  I have been thinking about men.  In fact, I have a friend and we have been talking about dating roles when it comes to men.  He tells me that women should make it clear when they want to be courted.  I tell him that men set the pace of the relationship and that men should pursue.  This all means that relationships are hard.  They are harder these days.  For this reason, I bring up Ducky..

Who is Ducky?  He is the dweeb who goes after Claire who is played by Molly Ringwald in Sixteen Candles.  She's from the poor side of the tracks and she falls in love with a rich guy.  Ducky is the guy who loves her. He can't help it.  He loves her and he pursues her and she pays him no mind.  He is brave.  He is vulnerable.  He is clear on what he wants.  And yet, Claire just wants the Rich Guy.  When we saw this movie for the first time, my smart girl didn't understand why Claire didn't want to go out with Ducky.  He's loyal devoted and fun.  She was on team Ducky and I think if you ask her now, she is still on Team Ducky. 

I understand that women should be clear on where they stand with guys.  I also think that men should pursue women.  How far will you go for the woman that you think you can love?  You like how I worded that?  I think we need to think about devotion.  We as women should give guys a chance.  Who knows.  Maybe our soulmate is right in front of us and we are too stubborn to give a chance.  I don't have any more wisdom than that. 

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