Thursday, January 2, 2020

Gary the Finale

Life with its twists and turns had me meet up with Gary again.  At the time, I was with Santi already and I had decided to finish my undergraduate pursuits close to home at Lehman College where I found more of my people.  It had taken me longer to graduate than expected but I was not alone at Lehman where I ran into my fair share of people from my past.  Lehman has a beautiful campus.  I loved walking around it.  It was on this campus that I ran into... yes, you guessed it, Gary.

Gary had been dating a cheerleader.  I was happy to see him.  He seemed quieter than in high school.  He was settled.  I was the happy girl in high school and I had found my academic side, finally.  I wore chunky sweaters and boots with loose jeans, the epitome of English Major nerd-dom.  He was happy to see me as I was happy to see him.  There were no illusions of love.  We were two old friends who ran into each other.

I have the distinct honor of graduating with Gary, not once but twice.  We ran into each other now and again and we were always courteous with each other.  I was happy he had found someone.  I was happy that I found someone. I discovered out that his girlfriend was expecting.  We were both in our mid-twenties.  On our graduation from college, I saw him for the last time as he was leaving the college.  I was with Aracelis, her children, Santi and my father.  He walked away with his girlfriend and it was just the two of them as they walked toward Kingsbridge Road under the shadow of the elevated subway platform.  This was the last that I saw of him, walking with his family into an unknown future.  God bless you, Gary.  I remember you as a good man.  Thanks.

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