Sunday, January 19, 2020

Unsaid Things

Recently I had a conversation with an old friend.  It was an old conversation that we have spoken about in the past.  We didn't know that there was something there and we let it pass us by.  Have you ever done this?  We are in different quadrants of life.  The story stays where it should be, in the past.  It lives in the lost land of Could Have Been.  But it gets me to thinking about unsaid things.

I think about the unsaid things that I never told my husband.  If I could tell him, I would tell him that I had the most fun with him.  I would tell him that I didn't know that we had our own language.  I find myself talking in quotes that only we know about.  I would tell him that I never wanted to win.

In movies and in shows when people don't tell the unsaid things we yell at the screens.  We tend to shake our heads and say, "So stupid!!!  Don't they know?"  Like we are any different, because we are not.  We think about the fear and the vulnerability that we need to show in order to tell the big and important things that are hard to say.  Is it so important to be safe?  Should we always have our walls up?  Do we lose things this way?  Yes!  We lose things.  I don't know what we end up losing but we do.

This brings to mind Matthew 10:39:
"He who finds his life will lose it, and he who loses his life for My sake will find it."

Does this mean that we need to tell God about the unsaid things?  I mean, aren't we in relationship with Him too?  I didn't tell Him everything.  I left things unsaid.  Did it affect our relationship?  I think that it did.  I would pray these nice little prayers, but I didn't let Him in.  One day I was driving to work and I was already having a lousy day.  I didn't know what to do so I opened my mouth to pray the way that I was taught.  That isn't what came out.  What came out was tears and anger and venom.  Did I pray like that to God?  Yes. I found that it brought me closer to God not farther away.  I thought I heard Him say, "Finally we are really talking!"  Now I bring it all to Him and I try not to leave anything unsaid with God.

I'm learning from my daughter.  My beautiful girl will not leave a compliment unsaid.  She has this idea that every body should hear the unsaid compliment.  She literally has something good to say to everyone.  I love her.  It is part of who she is.  She started this when she was so young.  I remember thinking, "Where did she get this from?"  Her father would look at me like she didn't get it from him.  I know!!!  Instead of trying to curtail it, I learned from her.  Life is too short to not give the compliment.  Whenever I get an unexpected sincere compliment, it makes my day.  So why not give the compliment?

Friends, life is so short.  Say the unsaid things.  Give the compliment.  And leave it all at the feet of Jesus.  Praise God!!!

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