Thursday, November 28, 2019

My Grateful Heart

Today was Thanksgiving 2019.  I went to my dear sweet sister's, Jamaila's house first.  She shared with me her delicious mashed potatoes and her wonderful moist turkey.  I was able to sniff her sweet toddler and laugh hysterically with friends that are more like family.  I made my Puerto Rican baked ziti, complete with sofrito.  I miss hanging out with Puerto Ricans.  How come nobody out here uses Adobo?  I was missing the pernil and arroz con gandules (they are called pigeon peas, did you know this?).

After this, I went home to pick up my other ziti and I went to the Pastor's house.  More friends, more fun and more merriment.  I loved watching my children play with their friends.  Throughout the day, I got texts.  I got texts from family and texts from friends.  Thank you for remembering me on this day.  I wore my fancy orange shadow and I used my MAC setting spray.  I can't believe that it rained.  Driving home in the chilly wind with my babies, I thought of my friend, Cari.  I thought of my husband.  My son is so tall now.  My daughter is almost past me.  Despite the twinges of sadness here and there, I am happy and thankful.  I continue to be blessed beyond all measure.

I am so thankful.  I have warm winters.  I have children that I think are absolutely stunning.  I have such incredibly good friends. I serve a such a good God.  He is so good to me, so good.  I think that despite the fact that I'm a widow, God has been merciful to me.  I am ever thankful for the blessings that I have.

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