Thursday, November 21, 2019

I Can't Stand The Rain

Rainy desert days.  It rarely rains here.  This desert is prone to rainbows.  It is filled with mountains and frescoes.  The sun cracks through the clouds in this big sky country.  It is not all gray.  In the distance, I can see the sun shining happily at me.  It appears to tell me that regardless of the rain, the sun continues to shine outside of the clouds.  In the distance, there are sunny days ahead.  If this rain continues, we will find ourselves with grass in a desert.  Is there a prophecy like this? 

I normally don't like the rain.  I sing in my head Missy Elliot's "The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)"  It's a running theme in my head as I go throughout the rainy day.  I can't do all of the rhyme but I sing the hook all of the time on a loop.  We don't have umbrellas in Arizona.  Arizonians will allow the rain to fall on their heads and allow their canvas shoes to get soaked.  They welcome the discomfort of wet socks knowing that this is a rare common place occurrence.  Despite the situation, most Arizonians love the rain.  I do not.

The rain brings me back to the cold rain of New York City.  The smells are different.  This is refreshing desert rain. There is a lack of humidity in the air.  But all I remember is cold rain and wanting to stay in a warm bed.  I left New York to escape the cold, among other reasons.  My warm-blooded ancestry calls for warmer climate.  My husband loved the rain.  My children also love the rain.  They run out in the puddles and splash in them, even now.  They get so excited.  I could stay in bed.  I have no need for it. 

Despite this rainy weather, my heart is happy.  Happy.  I don't know why.  Maybe it's the shower of a friend that is coming up.  He's getting married.  Maybe it is the birthday of a person in my circle.  Maybe it's just God's joy raining down on me with some of the actual rain.  Praise the Lord for His joy.  I am thankful, even with the rain. 

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