Saturday, November 23, 2019

Going Back to Color

I'm redying my hair.  I looked at all of the white like a canvas.  As soon as I started I felt a part of myself come back.  Is there energy in the dye?  You know what I'm finding?  I'm finding that sometimes, the things you love bring you back to who you are if you are lost.  For me, they are like colored stones marking my road shining bright like pink, purple and rainbow colored stones that glow in the dark when I'm lost. 

I suppose that being someone that you are not affects you by bringing you away from yourself.  If life was like a linear path, then we are either always going forward or always going backward, mentally while we age.  We all age every day... all of us.  There is a solace about something as certain as aging.  In the meantime, we survive, or we attempt to survive.  Sometimes we try to mold ourselves to what we think we want or we think the world wants so that we can have an easier life.  I think, when I think of my kids that I want for them a good life but really, I think I want an easier life for them.  I protect them so that they can be sheltered from the harshness of life.  What if it is through some of that 'harshness" that they learn to grow and be outstanding people? 

I suppose that being part of something greater and having a global perspective helps.  Be your own piece in the mosaic of this life. I pray that when God sees me, He sees me as his colorful, happy girl.  The way He created me to be.  As for my dying my hair I like my walls white.  I like my hair all of the colors I can be.

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