Tuesday, November 26, 2019

A Different Time

I am introducing my daughter to a whole host of past cultural influences.  I want my children to be balanced and to understand some of the iconic references that are infused throughout our current pop standards.  An example of this is the movie, Ready Player One.  This is one of my son's favorite movies.  I love the fact that he understands the significance of the DeLorean in the first face.  It's like having them peek back into a world that their father and I grew up, met and fell in love in.  

To this end, we are watching, "A Different World."  My daughter loves the fashion!!!  It brings me back.  This was the 90s.  I was in college at the time.  The music, the expressions, and yes, the fashion bring me back to the time when life was simpler.  I was so idealistic back then.  I had pledged Eta Omega Tau Sorority Incorporated as a freshman.  My life was wrapped up in the colors of Black and Pink.  Pink is still my favorite color as I recall, parties, lectures, charitable events.  We would go to the Salvation Army and serve a Thanksgiving meal to the less unfortunate, my sisters and me.  I didn't usually cook back then so... I could afford to spend my early morning giving my time on Thanksgiving.  

And yes, I was the tiniest bit of a heartbreaker, or so I have been told.  It was easier back then.  Even now, I'm smiling thinking of my favorite college boyfriends.  There was no social media.  Thank God!!!  Even without it, I was somewhat infamous.  I had short hair, like my daughter's now.  I loved leggings.  I had a whole system for wearing them.  I loved to wear them with black boots and I would pair them with a shorter skirt.  Can I even tell you about the red lips and the red flannel?  I had this shiny purple metallic eyeliner.  I interchanged it with liquid navy liner.  I wore Charlie White and then I found this one perfume called Downtown Girl because I was a downtown girl. 

I wonder what type of escapades my children with have, not like mine, I would walk down the sidewalks of the greatest city in the world.  I could look up and look as the buildings scraped the skies.  My world was a museum that I basked in.  I was in my own private snow globe filled with glitter, listening to Soul II Soul and SNAP.  Why did I own so many turtlenecks.  My daughter dresses like I did back then now.  She has an affinity for black turtlenecks and when she saw the show, she concocted an outfit that was similar to those found on the show, definitely my child.  I may have to make a new playlist on my Spotify.  I'm taking a moment to live in a day of my past.  It was definitely a different time.  Picture courtesy of my sorority sister.  

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