Monday, November 4, 2019

I'm the type of person that...

I was painting my nails.  They are short and stubby now but I like painting them anyway.  I have painted them a pumpkins orange.  This made me think of the type of person that I am.

I am the type of person that:

  • paints her nails but doesn't get her nails done and who does not have nails over an inch long.  
  • if she were to get her nails done, she would have a french manicure or red nails.  I can't sit long enough to get my nails done.
  • doesn't get her hair done.  I do it myself.  It bothers me to sit in a chair and be attended to for long periods of time.
  • can wear lipstick, chapstick and lip gloss and pull it off because I have great lips.
  • wears a little bit of make up every day but no foundation because I like seeing my skin through the enhancements.
  • doesn't wear a lot of jewelry and I wear the same pieces regularly but I have tried to wear costume.  I want to wear costume but there is something false about it that rubs me wrong.  
  • loves mascara and wears it on a daily basis.  I will wear concealer, mascara and something on my lips as a minimum.
  • hugs first and asks questions later.
  • likes wearing fragrances because smelling nice is important to me.  It makes me feel good about myself.
  • can go to sleep with a mess but I don't like waking up with a mess so I clean.
  • loves wearing crazy colors instead of neutral colors.
  • loves to write, and sing.  There are not many things that I am creative about but I love words and love to read.
  • has truly adequate observational skills and enjoys watching people.  I like to find good things to appreciate about people.  
  • is an optimistic realist who values authenticity and honesty over other human character traits.  
  • is always going to be someone's first choice.  I am not okay being someone's second choice.
  • loves with everything that I have and I am strong enough to break my heart a thousand times because I know with every fiber in my being that I am loved by a Big God.
  • will sit with you in the dark.
  • smiles with tears pouring down my face.
  • chooses happiness because it's a choice.
Understanding who you are is so important. 

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