Friday, May 24, 2019

The Dime and The Band

It's funny the stories that stay with you.  I have a thing with dimes.  I feel like it is a me and God thing but I could just be superstitious.  Just so that we are clear, I don't worship dimes.  It just so happens that I find dimes a lot.  It all started when we were living in New York on the Grand Concourse.  Santi and I were a young couple and we were having some financial problems.  I remember being by myself.  Santi had a job where he would have to work overnight.  This particular night, I was going to have me a one person vigil.  I was going to stay up praying for God to help us in our financial situation.

I waited for my husband to leave and I started praying.  I was going to pray all night, well, this was my intention.  I really don't remember how long I was praying but I began to visualize that God could, allow money to fall from the ceiling like rain if He deemed it so.  So in my prayer, I reminded God of His ability to do absolutely anything.  I began to really pray in earnest which just tells you how very tired I was at this time of night in my vigil.  "Just let it pour money, God."  I remember praying something like this.  Well, I heard the distinct sound of a coin falling in the living room.  I woke up.  Jumped up and ran to see what had fallen.  It was a nickel.  A nickel!!!  I am sort of embarrassed to say that I was a little snarky with God.  God, you could have at least made it a dime.  Those are my favorites since I was a little girl.

As a child I was obsessed with Thumbalina and I wanted everything miniature including my coins.  The dime had always been my favorite because it was smaller than all of the others.  Yes, I realize that I may be insane.  Back to the story.

I put the nickel somewhere and went to sleep.  In my head, God had sent money and I was tired.  The next morning we had an appointment and I remember telling Santi the story of the money.  Well, we lived on a fourth floor walk up.  When we came out, I found a dime.  On the way down, I found a few more dimes.  In fact, I found a whole bunch of dimes when I came out of the apartment and we went to the subway.  I cried as I picked them up.  Regardless of what would happen with our finances, I felt God show that He was with me.  Even now, just remembering His goodness to me, I am crying out of sheer gratitude.

To say that I always find dimes is an exaggeration.  It's true that I had a propensity for finding dimes.  Every time I pick one up, I remember the Lord's goodness.  My children were then finding the dimes.  They have been trained that Mom gets all of the dimes.  We had relocated to Phoenix and we were living in our first apartment here.  I got out of the car and I was crossing the street to go home with Santi and the kids when I saw in the middle of the street what appeared to be a dime.  I picked it up.  It was the size of a dime but it wasn't a dime.  It was a golden band. I don't know why I thought it would fit my ring finger but I tried it on and it fit my finger like a glove.  When other rings have not fit, this ring has fit and I do not take it off.  It reminds me to always put God first.  I wore this ring with my wedding band and my engagement ring.  I would wear it with my anniversary ring.  I thought about leaving it off, but I can't.  Because this ring, this ring that I found in this unfamiliar place.  This ring that is about the circumference of a dime, this ring reminds me of the promises of God.  How can I take it off?  Why should I?  If someone is going to date me they are going to have to understand that this ring I wear for God.  My heart belongs to Him. 

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