Thursday, May 23, 2019

Informing the Children

So I am testing the dating waters and I have decided to tell the children to see what their impression would be.  I talked about the idea of remarrying a little bit ago.  They take time to warm up to ideas and so I mentioned the idea of remarrying earlier on so they could get used to it.  At that time, my son was very much for me marrying again.  My daughter told me that she didn't want anyone to replace her father.  I explained to her that her dad will always be her dad and there is no one who would be able to replace him ever.  This gave my daughter a lot of solace and we were able to talk about something she had been thinking about already.

I would hear my son talk to my daughter.  "You know, Janet, one day you and me will grow up, get married and leave the house.  Do you want Mom to be all by herself?  Wouldn't it be nice if she had someone to grow old with?  You don't want to leave the house and just worry about Mom would you?"  My son with the logical arguments.  Eventually he wore her down because when I broached the subject recently, Janet was all for mom dating.  It was my son that had an issue.

"Mom, I have a problem with you dating." He said.  "You do?  Why?"  I asked.  "How are you going to meet someone?  How do you know if they aren't a smoker?  Or if they have a criminal record?  What if they were divorced or not married?  How will you find out all of this?"  My dear son had a valid concern.  Then he asks, "What app are you thinking about using?  Are you going to use Tinder?  I heard some not so good things about Tinder, Mom.  I don't think that's the way to go."  I was driving and I wanted to park the car and just laugh so bad.  But he was right.  Am I ready to put my name to be matched for about $500 a year?  No!!!  I'm not there yet.  And I told them.

I told my kids, I don't know how I'm ready to date.  I'm just talking about it.  I'm thinking about it.  I told them.  My kids have a little checklist of who I'm going to date if anyone.  It's funny to hear them.  "Mom, not someone too old."  LOL!!!  Then I hear my boy tell me, "Mom, God is in control."  Yes, Ladies.  I'm am honored to be raising one of the good ones.  Forget about a husband for me!!!  I pray for good spouses for my kids.

I would tell you who my kids suggested for me.  They are super funny in some of their choices.  I think they have their ears up looking for a suitable candidate.  I'm worried that they'll bring someone home trying to introduce me to someone.  They just might!!!

In the meantime, I'll take the advice of my son and remember that God is control.  Praise the Lord for that.

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  1. This was a great idea. Give them time to warm up to the idea.