Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Gluten-Free Apple Pie

 Today I came home and opened the fridge to eat something for dinner.  It was there on the top shelf with just a crumbled aluminum foil over it.  I peeked in and saw a slice, the last slice.  It was the last slice of the gluten-free apple pie that he made me.  

You see, he made it for me like he made the gluten free three cheese mac and cheese for Thanksgiving.  Janet asked for the mac and cheese but he wanted to make sure that I got some.  This pie, this pie was just for me.  I told him that I didn't need a pie.  I told him that I hadn't had pie in over a decade.  He had no idea how to make it but he bought the all purpose gluten free flour anyway.  He took me with him to make sure none of the other ingredients had gluten either.  

On Thanksgiving, I had forgotten to buy the vanilla ice cream.  He went out and found the last carton of Breyers vanilla ice cream.  He made a crumble finish on top.  We had it after we ate and put ice cream on the warm apple pie.  It was delicious.  He didn't keep any of it.  He packed it up with the aluminum foil in the same pie tin he made it in and sent it home with us.  

Today I saw it there, the aluminum foil covered pie crust.  "This was made for me.  This is my pie."  I pulled it out and heated it up.  I made sure to get all the loose pieces of crumbles that had fallen.  There wasn't enough syrup so it was a little dry.  I didn't care.  I ate it with relish.  He called while I ate it.  "What are you eating?"  He didn't even judge me when I told him that I was having apple pie for dinner.  He reminded me how I protested the pie.  I thanked him for making me this pie that I thought I didn't want.  You know what he told me?  He told me next time he would roll out the crust and make sure there was a softer apple.  There would be a next time.  There would be another apple pie, another apple pie that he would make for me.  

I am thankful to God for family, gluten-free pies and the sweet man who made it for me.  Praise the Lord!!!

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