Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Christmas Eve Eve 2020

 As you may already know, I love Eves.  I love the day before Friday.  I love the potential of what is to come.  I know that we are quarantining but I still love it.  Coping mechanisms: I tend to prepare for an emotion that may come once an event occurs.  I go for the worst case scenarios. But just because I suspect the worst does not mean that the worst will come.  I, the human that I am, eliminate God in my equation.  God changes everything.  Thousands of people but only a few fishes and loaves, just add God into the number and there will be extra fishes and loaves.  It doesn't make sense doesn't it?  Same here with my life.  It doesn't really make sense but... God.  

I woke up this morning and I made coffee.  Janet usually makes my coffee but it's best she stay in her room. Apparently, she has been putting too many grounds so, today I had a great cup of coffee, with chocolate gluten free cookies, right before I made fried eggs and french fries in the air fryer for David and me.  Such a Puerto-Rican thing to eat!!!  I discussed the menu for Christmas with David and I bought tickets for World of Illumination for New Year's Eve.  Nothing like a full belly and plans to change your perspective of things.  

In my head, I have to have a traditional Christmas with baking and cooking.  I look around and tell myself that I need to clean the house.  I do need to clean but I have spoken with the children and they say that they are good with staying at home and hanging out making our simple Christmas favorites.  They make it easy.  One day, heck, one moment I could kill them the next moment I want to hug them.  Either way though, I am blessed.  I am blessed beyond measure.

I am working, sort of, I have corny Christmas movies on.  I still have my full belly.  My nails are done.  My dog sits by my feet, sweet boy!  I have only one more present to wrap and the menu is set.  In my peace, I thank God.  He is the reason that I can celebrate so I will celebrate His birth.  Praying for you, readers.  May you have God's Spirit which is the real Spirit of Christmas.  Praise the Lord!!!

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