Friday, December 18, 2020

The Cold

 I remember going home and feeling the slight tickle in the back of my throat.  Ugh!!!  I was hoping that I was just getting allergies but the next day, my face was swollen and I had a fever and a runny nose.  I knew.  I knew I had a cold.  I really wanted to go in but I knew I had to be responsible.  I taught from home and did my work but I could feel my body ache and I knew that I needed to drink liquids and take care of myself.  

I made the appointment to check for covid.  I have been praying that it is just a cold but already, ALREADY, it is disrupting my life.  I was supposed to go to a cookie exchange.  I even bought cookie mix!!!  (I'm not the best of bakers even in the best of times.  If you want something edible then trust me, a mix is great!!!)  I was supposed to serve at church this Sunday too.  The kid I am lucky enough to work with can't make it so to keep everyone safe and room to heal before Christmas, we will go to church virtually.  Monday I'll know what I'm dealing with, hopefully.

And the testing has changed.  The last time I went, they just stuck a cotton swab up my nose and twisted.  I made sure to not blow my nose too much.  I was ready with my boogies handy!!!  I want to be cooperative.  They didn't ask for boogies though.  They asked for half a plastic vial of saliva.  I knew I would be there a while.  My daughter was done in a minute.  I think I was working on it for 20 minutes.  Holy Dehydration, Batman!!!  My mouth was dry and then they said not to eat or drink anything.  I was thinking of mouth watering things to help.  Steak made just right with a loaded potato or pernil and arroz con gandules... Yum!!!  Oh great!!!  NOW my mouth waters!!!

I think it is in my head but looking at the social media pictures of the snowy places has me feeling more cold than I am used to.  I think I have a coat in my closet... I have to check.  Surely it is an old fashioned outer garment but I guess this is the winter where we use coats.  Let me get a cup of tea to warm myself up, or better yet, a hot chocolate bomb!!!  I saw one online and now I can't unsee it.  I think of all of the calories and all of the sugar but after having like five candy canes (surely an exaggeration).  I find that I don't care as much.  I am in a Holiday frame of mind and wild horses couldn't drag me out of it.  I am thankful.  I am thankful for healthy babies(my babies), a boy who graduated from high school and a man with warm hands and a warm sweet disposition, my man.

An Aside: I'm watching "The Little Mermaid."  Am I the only one who thinks Ursula is gorgeous and ahead of her time?  She may be my favorite villainess.  

I am thankful.  Praise the Lord for this quiet and somewhat careful and isolated Holiday Season.  Even in these times, we are reminded of God's love for us in coming to earth to become a Man who died for our sins.  Thank You, Jesus.  

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