Sunday, December 27, 2020

Resolutions for 2021

 I have been reflecting on the last year.  I was watching a movie and was thinking about how strange it was that people were not wearing masks.  When it all began back in March, I really and truly thought that I would be back to work in a week.  I was getting ready for a change.  I had change on the brain.  Well... there was change alright!!!  I was reading back on post from the start of last year and I admit that I was in a fog that I hardly remembered.  This past year, I was just holding on for dear life.  This new upcoming year may be a year of change.  It is past due.  I know that it is coming.  Change is a little scary for me.  I'm hoping that this is the good kind of change, if I can wrap my mind around it and not overthink absolutely everything.  Yes, I'm an overthinker.

Last year, there were no resolutions.  I only resolved in holding on and not losing my mind.  This year, I have too many resolutions.  I think about the people who choose not to follow resolutions.  That is telling in itself.  I am resolving to be healthy.  I am resolving to make changes.  I am resolving to have an open mind and to try different things, like... waking up early. I'm laughing because it seems impossible.  I am a real night owl.  But I think it better use of my time to wake up early and get my workout out of the way.  I am literally planning on climbing mountains, so I better be more fit for the mountains that come.  My children and Geoff bought me hiking sticks and a back pack with a bladder so... I better come correct.  

Covid has touched my life.  I have lost friends, family and my immediate family has contracted covid.  I have had to wear a mask in my own home and in my car while driving.  I know that wearing a mask is uncomfortable.  I feel terrible telling my children that they can not attend something because we need to social distance.  We are being responsible.  We are trying to limit the spread of the virus and attempting to live on for the next year.  Yes, it has been hard.  Yes, I have been praying.  Yes, I don't always know what to do.  There are moments when all that can be done is to pray.  Prayer is not for God but for me.  So as the next year comes, I resolve to pray more and for more people.  I will pray.  Praise the Lord.  Thank you, Jesus..  

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