Sunday, November 29, 2020


 I think that there are things about ourselves we don't like to admit to.  I know for a fact that I have had conversations that included people telling me that I am ________ (feel free to fill in the blank).  And then I have proceeded to deny that I am whatever the blank is.  Today I was taking my Sunday nap and I thought about the type of person that I am.  I used to deny that I love the color pink.  I LOVE pink.  I love pink, purple and orange.  Throw in some aqua and some lime and I'm happy.  I am an older woman who appreciates rainbows and unicorns.  Lisa Frank is my muse!!!  I am just embracing this about myself.  

There's more.  I love pop music.  80s music and boy bands are some of my favorites.  I like action movies and romantic comedies.  I like flavored lipstick and colored hair dye that smells like grapes.  I don't know if I dye my hair because I like the weird colors or because I like walking around smelling like grapes.  I no longer eat candy but if I did, I would love it.  I love candy.  My favorite fantasy land is candy land.  Is that bad?  

I guess you can say that I am immature.  It serves me well as an educator.  I guess you can say that I relate well with my children and my students.  I don't like to hear that I am immature but I don't really like the look of adulting so it is what it is.  I'm not a toy person but I do have issues with purses and with shoes.  I'm getting better.  I'm sure that my taste may change but at this rate, I will say what the problem is: I am mushy.  I'm not going to paint my room pink.  I'm not putting up any rainbow posters.  I drink my coffee each day with just milk and I make sure to drink my water and green tea.  You see, I can be an adult!!!

I am thinking about who I am because I think it is important to understand who you are and what you like, even if it is embarrassing sometimes.  Is it my fault that I love glitter eyeshadow?  These masks make me miss my love of lipstick.  I love lipstick but do you know how hard it is to take it off of the masks!!!  I like writing in journals and I have pen pals.  I like colorful pens and I buy stickers some times.  I like to paint my nails with color and rainbow glitter.  Have I always been this way?  Probably.  I am thankful for the weird things that I like.  I am thankful for my developing tastes.  And I am thankful that God made me the way that I am, some immature colorful woman who likes to write about all the crazy things she thinks about and her crazy life.  What makes you happy today?  Praise the Lord for the things that make you happy.  Praise God!!!

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