Tuesday, December 22, 2020

It's a Covid Christmas

 So...  I last reported that I had a cold. I dragged my children and myself to the covid testing center.  I did it because a cold is enough like covid to get tested.  I got the results back yesterday as I was on the golf greens with my guy.  David came back negative.  Janet came back positive.  I was already feeling down.  My dear sweet cousin, David Vega passed away yesterday.  He was the dj for my wedding.  I can hear his deep voice.  I was close to at least one of his sons.  I would hang out with him on family holidays.  Already I miss him.  He had a stroke and then caught covid.  This virus has stolen a lot from me so far.  And just in case you were wondering, my results came back last... negative.  Poor Janet!!!

I think about the meager plans we had made for a pandemic holiday.  We had thought about going to Glendale Glitters.  We were going to go to church for Christmas Eve.  We were going to go to Geoff's for Christmas.  Now I wear a mask in the car and in my house.  Conditions are not ideal.  

Then to make the situation worse, I was driving home from getting tested... again and I went by Geoff's to pick up his air fryer.  I was thinking about finally making some gluten-free Doritos chicken (Doritos is the devil even when I'm just thinking about it!!!) when I saw the trooper behind me.  I was speeding.  Not cute enough to get off with a warning, he gave me the ticket and I felt myself start to descend into a spiral.  I'm usually okay for the children but dealing with teenagers is a challenge.  I mean, where the heck are my sweet compliant children?!!  I have been trying to show maturity and self-control but I want to snap at them and their attitudes.  They are full of ego.  I am lacking the patience to deal with them and I am processing my life.

There are plans and non-plans.  There are prayers going up for everyone.  This vaccine, this world, this virus is... a lot.  I think it is finally hitting me, this Christmas that we are in the middle of a pandemic and it is not fun.  I will not try to predict the future.  I am attempting to trust in God and do the right thing.

I made the gluten free panko chicken and french fries in the air fryer, along with Doritos chicken and barbeque pork rind chicken.  There were a lot of tenders.  It's a good thing I have two hungry teens to eat them all!  I ate a whole sleeve of chocolate gluten free cookies with warm milk.  At some point, I ate not one but two lemon pudding cups with raspberries because they are my favorite.  I am all full, finally.  I have "Love Actually" on and I'm writing.  God is alive and on His throne.  I will not despair.  I will pray.  I will pray for my family who have lost a husband, father, brother and uncle.  I will pray for friends who have lost loved ones.  I will pray for that one student who is struggling.  I will pray for God's will to be done as I try to make decisions and pay for speeding tickets.  Prayer works.  So I'll do it.  Praise the Lord!!  

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