Tuesday, December 15, 2020


 I had to look it up.  Advent means coming.  We take for granted when we hear Advent that it commemorates the coming of Jesus down to earth to save us from our brokenness.  Advent happens all the time.  Even now we wait.  We wait for the second coming promised to us, we wait even though it may not happen in our lifetimes.  I mean, we wait for a lot of things.  We wait for love, we wait for death, we 

I think a lot of us this year is waiting for the coming of the new year.  I think we hope that it will be a better year.  2020- I think that the hope was for it to be a better year.  The beginning of a decade.  Even the name held so much promise!!!  I was talking about it with my students.  They were talking about the issues that they had with this year.  I remember telling them that this year was not so bad.  There was a lot of things I didn't know how to do.  I had to learn to parent and teach in a different way.  I have to do my job differently and I had to be okay with just being okay and not being great or excellent.  HOWEVER, this year was still a lot better than 2018.  

I think about 2018.  I lost a lot that year.  I shudder to think of it.  This year in comparison, I learned to go with the flow.  I gained a boyfriend and new traditions.  I lost weight.   I gained steps and adventures in hiking.  There were times that I was stressed and felt lost it was okay because I was not alone in being stressed and lost.  And here is the thing that I am so grateful for: I was never lost and alone and I never will be. 

As I rethink this different Christmas season, as I reflect on Advent.  I want to spend some time thinking on what is coming in the next year.  There will be changes.  It may require adjusting and being flexible.  I hate moving so... already I'm dreading it.  I wonder.  I wonder what doors will open. I wonder what doors will close.  There is peace.   I have God who came to earth.  I have God who stands beside me, even in the storm, even in the shadow of the valley of death.  I am thankful. Praise the Lord.

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