Thursday, December 17, 2020

Christmas Movies

 Please note that I did not say any thing about my favorite prescribed, canned Christmas movies that can be found on a certain card company channel.  I love those.  Why?  Everyone wants to know why.  I will tell you why. 

They say that the plots are predictable and formulaic.  Yes!!!  Listen, I'm a teacher.  I get adventure and surprises every day.  I would love nothing more than to follow a predictable plot while I am doing 70 other things.  It is easier to follow when they are so predictable.  I don't get lost.  Yay!  Do you know how many times I have to rewind a regular movie?  More than once... in a scene!!!  

Let me tell you something about happy endings.  They all have happy endings.  It is a Christmas miracle!!!  Real life does not always end in happy endings.  It's good to see what happy ending look like sometimes.  It keeps in mind that eventual happy ending forever when Christ comes again.  Until then, we can see various wholesome happy endings ala Christmas channel corniness, which I love.

All of the heroines have flaws.  I love the flaws.  They are all different and all of them represent us.  It is a time to let down our hair, confront our faults and compare how we are like those women.  All of them represent something that we have and I'm good with that.  It's also good to know that even with their flaws, these women find love.  They are loved.  It reminds me that I am loved, so loved.  It's a warmth to remember this at Christmas.  

These are our grown up animation shows that we would see over and over again.  These movies are our Rudolph, and Frosty shows but different and grown up.  The small towns versus the big cities we actually live in.  The snow we remember as kids versus our sunny warm days living in warmer climates.  These days can be scary.  I can take a little predictable.

You can yum yuck the Christmas things but there is always something we love that other people don't like.  Some things we admit to and some we let go but I'm good with the corny Christmas movies that sometimes lend out a bit of the Christmas Spirit that can be hard to grasp on to.  Go ahead.  Be corny.  Listen to the Christmas songs and keep the tree lighted.  Frost the cookies and hang the stockings.  Life is short.  Remember the reason for the season and be grateful.  Praise the Lord. 

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