Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Poor Choices

I make poor choices.  I make poor choices all of the time.  I think it is important to keep who you are in perspective.  I want to be clear that I am not perfect.  I have already confessed to my Doritos addiction.  I also have an issue with cheese.  Put that cheese on a hamburger and life is so good!!! You see what I mean about poor choices?

I have this big black cat.  He is completely black.  He has shiny black fur.  He likes to hang out with me on his bed.  He likes to put his head on my lap.  He purrs on my neck.  I have not one but two cats.  About 9 years ago, a small boy in my elementary school came to me with Midnight in his hands saying that he was the last and smallest kitten in the litter.  Midnight fit in my one hand.  I brought him home.  He is another one of my bad choices.  What am I doing with two cats?  ...and a dog...

I love Amazon Prime.  It's so easy.  Today I received a package.  I need another lip gloss like I need another hole in my head (another idea I'm playing with).  And yet, I bought another lip gloss.  You see, another poor choice.  I don't have buyer's remorse but I'm beginning to think about the long term effects of my bad choices.  Can I be saving more money?  Can I be doing better things with my time?  You don't need to wonder much.  The answer is yes.

I am currently contemplating my poor choices.  A nap instead of cleaning when I'm at home; a movie instead of reading.  I think that in general I am making better choices but then again, there are some days when there is no control.  I have no control.  I want to sit and play Candy Crush instead of doing what I need to do.  I'm praying to be able to make better choices in the future but please pray for me.

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