Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Best Friends and Witnesses

I have had a lot of best friends in my life.  My first best friend was Christine from St. Frances of Rome.  We broke up over a disagreement.  It was painful.  Then we grew apart.  Martine was the best friend that replaced her.  It was okay because I had Diana from church.  We were best friends too.  I had two best friends simultaneously. I stayed over Diana's house and we would go to the Boys and Girls Club.  We would listen to music and read books.  I could tell Diana anything.  She was my therapy for when my mother died.  She was so great at listening.  I'll tell you my oldest and dearest best friend.  She is the one that is more like a sister.  Her mother was my mother for a while.  That's Joanne.  I still consider her my best friend.  I love Esther and Glenda but Joanne was more than just a normal best friend, she was a witness to my life.  If there were bodies, she would know where they would be buried.  I love her. 

My husband is sort of like your best friend too.  More than just a friend, boy friend or best, I think what I wanted was a witness.  A witness to my life.  Joanne got married and had children, it was harder to drag her everywhere I went.  I remember covering a museum for the Pace Press when I was in college.  The main piece was a collage.  This gallery was so beautiful.  I went by myself.  I longed for someone to see this beauty with me.  This is when I first thought of Santi.  I said that if ever I met someone, I would take him to that gallery.  I did.  I met Santi and he thought it was beautiful too. 

This past month, I went to Pine Top with Danielle.  We were visitors to this wonderful place and I was so happy to have a witness with me.  I think I have an issue with wanting a witness.  I don't even think I want to date.  I want people to go places with me.  So... I think what I really need is to join Events and Adventures.  I have already agreed to go on hikes with some co-workers.  I'm happy to met up and be active with people.  Want to hike?  Want to meet up for coffee?  Want to hang out with me and my children?  Let's do it.  Let's see things together!!!  Let me know.

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